Dear reader

Not all change is bad!!

We are making some changes to the way we offer classes,

so that you get even more benefits!

From July Dance Inspires Oxford will be offering monthly courses instead of classes.

This change will allow us to provide our membership holders with priority booking, along with other benefits!

From June 4th, you will notice that our current memberships will be no longer available to purchase. On 18th June any current membership holders will be emailed to renew onto the new course membership. And, on the 21st bookings for PAYG or new members will be opened up to all.


1 class a week – £35 per calendar month
2 classes a week – £60 per calendar month
3 classes a week – £75 per calendar month
4 classes a week – £105 per calendar month

What benefits do these changes give you as a member??

FREE Pole Jams

A 3 day priority booking period for each course.
So you get to book for the next months classes ahead of everyone else.
(If you fail to use your priority period you may miss out on classes that become full!)

No more worrying about remembering to buy your membership!

Upgrade or downgrade your membership whenever you like.

If you cannot attend one session in the month, swaps are allowed (log in – cancel lesson – use your allowance to book on another). Class swaps only allowed within that month of payment.

You can freeze your memberships for a maximum of 1 month.

3 billing cycles minimum, then continues one cycle at a time. After the 3 month period you can cancel at any point.

Use GoCardless a simple payment method – Direct Debit so you don’t have to worry about updating your membership.

Privates discounted to ONLY £25 (with Nicola Ghalmi only via a special discount code).

You will see that some months have 5 weeks instead of 4 - extra bang for your buck!
(And of course, this makes up for any Christmas close down periods.)

Yes!!! - there is still a student discount available (via a special discount code).

What will happen next?

The last chance to purchase a membership on the current tariff will be Monday 4th June.

Members will be contacted on 18th June to purchase their new membership and get booked in for July classes first.

On the 21st bookings will be opened up to everyone!

PAYG will still be available during June!


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The Oxford Academy