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sarah vepers

Sarah is now a fully certified teacher at Dance Inspires

After months of hard work studying her Spin City external qualification, we are pleased to announce that Sarah has PASSED and is now fully qualified.

Not only that, but Sarah has been assisting within our beginners classes and learning to teach the Dance Inspires syllabus via her internal teacher training program, of which she has excelled at.

As you know, our syllabus is extensive, but Sarah has taken it in her stride and proven herself to be an extremely valuable member of the team. As a result Sarah has accepted a full teaching contract at Dance Inspires.

Expect to see Sarah leading her own classes and privates soon!

Congratulations Sarah and thank you for all your hard work to date!!
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Melissa has now officially joined the DI team!

This month we have the pleasure of welcoming Melissa Lee to the Dance Inspires team!

As our pole family continues to grow, we obviously need more hands on deck.

Some of you have had the opportunity to meet and be taught by Mel in classes already, and I am sure you will agree that she is a PERFECT fit for our team! Some of you have said "she is cute and kind" and "she is a great teacher" and us instructors totally agree!

Melissa joins us fully certified and insured, and with a wealth of teaching knowledge and experience behind her. She will of course be undertaking her in house teacher training too for her ongoing development.

You will see Mel in our Wednesday Intermediate/Advanced classes and in future Exotic classes/workshops. She also has some private availability on Go Team Up, so get nabbing those slots whilst you can!

Congratulations Mel and thank you for being a pleasure to work with already!
mel lee
Want to learn more about Mel? Why not check out her teacher profile...
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