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Performance Skills Workshop
8th May, 7.30pm - 9.00pm

In May, we will be hosting the fabulous Susan Norwood for a performance skills workshop! Susan is an expert on how to use stage presence and emotion to create routines with that wow factor!

Susan studied Theatre and Choreography before spending over 20 years working in dance and performance.

With many years of poling and competing in the industry, Susan has ample knowledge of how to effectively use emotion, stage presence and props to wow her audiences.

This performance skills workshop is designed for all levels. No poles will be used, as this workshop will solely focus on HOW to perform using emotion, your stage and props.

During the workshop, Susan will help you discover different types of emotions and how to use your stage by using performance exercises and group routines.

This workshop aims to build your confidence in stage presence, whilst also exploring use of emotions and use of objects such as chairs to tell a story.

If you are looking to enhance your pole performances, this workshop is a must and will give you that edge!!
£10 For Dance Inspires Members
£15 For Non Members
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