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This news may come as a shock to some of you, but we want to make sure you know that everything is gong to be OK, and that things are going to be even bigger and better as a result of this transition. All your classes and instructors will stay the same!

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A message from Nicola Ghalmi:

"From 30th March, I will be stepping away from Dance Inspires and passing on my Owner crown!

I have been part of Dance Inspires for a very long time - It's been an incredible 10+ years of being a student, an instructor and owner (practically most of that being all three at the same time!). I've met, and worked with, some incredible people - students and fellow Instructors, and I am very privileged to have been part of something so empowering. I’ve sweated, celebrated, cried, smiled, despaired, worked hard, played and laughed - this school has made me feel every feeling possibly imaginable, but I cherish every single moment I’ve had and don’t regret anything I’ve done or felt with DI.

I've learned lots about people and about myself on my journey - honesty, trust and integrity are everything to me as a result of my learning, and I know those three qualities ensure you love and will always be loved.

I’ve seen so many students and staff flourish because of the amazing home and community we have built, and despite hard times the school has gone through, it has always bounced back because of your love and devotion for our family.

Just seeing you positively support each other has been a monumental driver and source of strength for me personally and has kept me going on some very dark occasions.
But as much as I love DI, I know it’s time for me to step away, however I know that the DI family will continue to flourish on in the presence of a new devoted leader.

So, from 30th March, Dance Inspires and Southern Pole Championships will be taken over by someone who I believe will be the start of something even bigger and brighter for DI - her name is Yve Rice!!

Yve is a respectable business owner who already has a well established Dance school (Pole Sensations) and her skills are second to none when it comes to how to run a business and cherish a community like ours. I know hand on heart that Yve will continue to provide the loving and supportive environment that the DI community has created for itself.

I want you to know that a lot of thought has gone into this and this has been planned over many months and this is not a rash decision. I’ve taken the time to explore all avenues and to chose the right person to lead DI on to bigger and BETTER things! Throughout, Yve showcased her business know how to perfection, and her sense of community and love pole and all things aerial ensured me that she is the perfect person to lead DI.

Yve, I would like to congratulate you and wish you all the best, with a lifetime full of happiness at Dance Inspires.

Unfortunately, our Banbury Franchise, owned by Natasha Medlin, will not be continuing on with the Dance Inspires group, but we wish her all the best of luck going forwards.

**Warning you may see me crying - hugs welcomed! This’ll be the biggest break up of my life but amidst my sadness there is lots of happy tears knowing you will be well looked after. I will still be around teaching so you’ll still see me about.

Here's to an exciting 2019 for the whole Dance Inspires family!"


Having learnt in Australia and in the UK, Yve first began pole dancing over 12 years ago and Aerial Silks 7 years ago.
Yve has trained with some of the word's best pole dancers and instructors, including Jenyne Butterfly, Miss Filly and Zoraya Judd.

She has also competed as a finalist in national competitions, placing in the top 5 in both Miss Pole Dance UK Semipro 2012 and in Polenastics UK Pole Championships 2013, Professional category.

Yve already owns Pole Sensations, a well established school in South Warwickshire, where she runs a number of different types of aerial arts classes.
"I am really excited to be joining Dance Inspires as its new owner, and to keep providing all the little inspirations with a safe home to carry on with their pole dreams. I look forward to meeting and seeing many of you soon, and to continuing on the great DI legacy!!"
Yve Rice, Owner, Dance Inspires & Pole Sensations
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