About Belen Galizzi

Belen began her pole fitness journey in April 2012. This is the first time she ever fell in love with a sport as everything she had tried before didn’t keep her attention for too long.

Her motivation to improve and better herself was a massive motivation, and for the first time she was able to stick at a sport! that I never felt more stronger in my life.

Belen says;

Iā€™m passionate about teaching as well as becoming a better pole dancer. I want to share all my experience with every single student until they feel the same motivation and self-proudness that I feel every time I achieve a goal.

Being is a full time mom and watercolour artist. Pole dance is her perfect escape and the activity that helps her to boost her self confidence.

She is really excited to start teaching at Dance Inspires, and is very excited to watch the happiness in students when they achieve their goals!