About Melissa Lee

Melissa has just moved to Oxford after getting her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering.

As a child she enjoyed gymnastics (from aged 8), but once she joined university, she realised that pole is basically vertical gymnastics and fell in love!

During her time at university, she was society president and head instructor; and successfully campaigned for pole to qualify as a sport, opening up more funding and opportunities.

Moving to oxford also means a new teaching adventure on the Dance Inspires team!

Mel says; What I love about teaching is that every little goal achieved for my students is also an achievement for me! I get as much out of teaching as the students who come to my classes. I can’t wait to share my skills and expertise with my Dance Inspires students.

Her favourite style of pole is classique – expect to see her favourite style in your lessons.

Outside of pole, Melissa works as a Project Manager at UKRI RAL Space – defying gravity in another way!

Comps she has competed in recently are:

  • Pole Sport UK, Amateur Advanced (2017), 3rd place
  • Inter-University Pole Dance Competition (2017), Advanced, 2nd Place
  • Miss Pole Dance Scotland (2018), Winner and Judges Choice Award