Aerial Hoop Classes

Dance Inspires are pleased to be offering Aerial  Hoop group classes at its dedicated hoop venue at Feel Fit Gym, Oxford.


28TH SEPTEMBER, 7.30P, £5


About Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop (often also called Aerial Lyra) Classes at Dance Inspires are mixed ability lessons, and include a mix of building moves and choreography, using dynamic movement. Aerial hoops are a steel apparatus that can e used on static or spinning. The hoops are suspended by a fully certified beam, via certified and load tested strops and caribiners. Suspension allows you to perform aerial acrobatics on.

About Group Classes

Each aerial hoop group class will allow you to experience and grow as a performer whether you are looking to just have fun or to compete. Whatever you need, our experienced instructors will provide you with knowledge and support throughout.

classes will involve:

  • A 10 minute warm up
  • Conditioning techniques for strength/technique building
  • Hoop tricks using our extensive syllabus
  • Transitions and combos
  • Routine building
  • Choreographed group rutine
  • Flexibility training
  • Stretch and cool down

Everyone is welcome to attend classes – no matter what age, ability, size, or gender you are. You do not need to build upper body strength to start – our progressive syllabus will help you to naturally build strength as you progress through our levels.

Class Info

  • Classes promise no more than 3 to a hoop. Matting is always used within classes, as well as an instructor spot during learning new moves.
  • Students are advised to wear leggings and leg warmers and long sleeved tops that cover the lower back.
  • Classes are held every Friday at 6.30pm (mixed) and 7.30pm (beginners) at Feel Fit Gym in Cowley.
  • Classes are £10 or 1 class within our memberships
  • Pre-booking is required for all classes. Cash is not accepted.