Kids Pole Fitness

iStock_000068643231_LargeDance Inspires is Oxford’s only pole fitness school to offer exclusive classes to under 16 year olds.

Kids fitness is a fun and engaging activity that will encourage your child to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Classes at Dance Inspires will also contribute to the necessary skills required by the National Curriculum key stages, which recommend that pupils:
– master basic movement skills
– participate in team games for social development & understanding the competitive environment
– perform dances using simple movement
– develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance

Classes at Dance Inspires will also encourage creative play with activities on and off the pole! A combination of group, couple and singles activities will be provided. Each class is carefully designed so your children learn some great moves and also get in great physical shape whilst having fun!

Instructors are fully qualified in children’s fitness, insured and DBS checked. There is a parents waiting area where you can watch your little ones or just have a minute to yourself!

Courses are split into 6 week terms. During August there will be a summer school day drop ins available.

To enrol please use the links below. Create your child a team up account and answer the health and safety questions on their behalf on the account.


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