When can I join?

You can start your membership when you like – it will last 4 weeks from when your membership payment is received.

Can I do more than 1 class a week?

Your membership is limited to 1 class per week on 4 class pack, or 2 classes per week on the 8 class pack. However, if you want to attend additional classes per week as a member you receive 50% off classes (£5 per class). As the half price classes are there to fill up available class spaces, full price attendee will get first choice of all class spaces.

How can I pay for my membership?

ALL Payments are made via Go Team up using Go Cardless – a safe and secure payment system.

Can I book a PAYG class?

If you are booking a payg class please ensure that you email danceinspires@hotmail.co.uk to ensure there is space first. We cannot guarantee PAYG a spot unless payment is confirmed and/or there is space.

What happens once I have paid for membership?

You will receive an email from Go Team Up confirming that your payment is received and that that your membership has been added to your go team up account, whereby you can log on and book for any class during the week. If you are a beginner, please only book for beginner classes. If you are new to us but have poled previously, please contact us at danceinspires@hotmail.co.uk to discuss/arrange a level assessment review

How will I remember to pay my monthly membership?

If you purchase a membership, you are contracted for 3 months as per our terms and conditions. Go Cardless will automatically charge you for the first 3, and will continue to charge on a month by month basis. If you decide to leave us, you can cancel this automatic payment via Go Cardless, but must provide one month written notice.

Where can I use my membership allowance?

You can use your membership allowance across any venue(s) that Dance Inspires teaches at.

What do I wear for classes?

At Dance Inspires we want you to feel comfortable and encourage that you dress in whatever you feel comfortable. This is with the exception of any nudity. Heels can be worn (unless restricted by venues).

What if I am late for a class?

Unfortunately, if you are late for a class you will not be permitted to attend that class. We have a strict policy in regard to lateness as the warm up is an essential part of the class that prevents you from injury. Also, lateness disrupts your fellow student’s time in their learning. If you are late for a class and are refused entry you will not be entitled to a refund/extra class that week.

What if I need to cancel a class?

All cancellations are required within 12hrs of the class you are booked for. If you fail to notify us of your cancellation within the 12hr period, you will lose that class/payment for that class.

Can I carry over my membership classes?

Membership packs last for a period of 4 weeks only. Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to carry over classes, unless in the case of serious injury or family bereavement.

What do I wear for burlesque?

Our burlesque classes are nice and relaxed – we encourage you to wear anything that you feel comfortable wearing and moving around comfortable in. If you would like to wear heels, we suggest a kitten heel with a strap. Heels are not compulsory – you can go barefoot or wear trainers if you like! These classes are non-strip and are ‘family friendly’!