All Dance Inspires classes are for 1 hour.


Each class inludes:

The core of the class will be learning and practicing pole moves and put ting them together to make effective combinations and routines. You will then do a dance to show your new skills.

  • A warm up that includes mobility, pulse raiser and sstretch.
  • Conditioning exercises
  • Learning tricks – our extensive pole syllabus includes over 30 levels from beginners to advanced
  • Combos – we we help you to put all those amazing tricks into combinations and routines
  • Flexibility training
  • Choreographed group routines
  • Stretch and cool down

At the end will be a cool down to make sure you stretch out and reduce muscle strain and DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).  This is very important as pole dance will mean using muscles you haven’t used for a while!


 When can you attend?

At Dance Inspires,  you are not restricted to coming on a set night per week. Our classes are drop in lessons, so no matter what night of the week you come you will still work towards the Dance Inspires syllabus, of which each levels runs in 6 week cycles (i.e it will take roughly 6 weeks to complete each level).


Each class is different as you will be learning new moves each week and how they fit together, build your strength, flexibility and dance skills at your own pace.


Benefits of pole dance and fitness:

  • Improved strength
  • Weight loss
  • Gain muscle tone
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve core strangth
  • Combine strength and endurance in a workout
  • Make lots of new friends
  • Be part of a family of polers who embrace everyone with open arms


More about classes:

We have a maximum of 2 to a pole in all our Oxford classes (excluding taster classes/pole parties where we will have a maximum of 3 to a pole).  You need to give your muscles a break in between moves (like in weight-lifting) and therefore sharing a pole is encouraged.


Please take notice of our do’s and don’t info.

We recommend you progress through the syllabus at your own pace and make sure that you have fully grasped each move.

Make sure someone is with you when you try a new complicated move. For example in our pole jams ask for spotting!

Pole Dance is a lot of fun but it does rely on you learning new things each week and then putting everything together in combinations.

You will get bruises! – But don’t worry its normal and you will hear them referred to as ‘Pole Kisses’  , We always use mats in classes and effective spotting techniques.