Silk Inspires – a fusion of Pole & Silks

Dance Inspires are proud to announce the launch of Silks Inspires at Dance Inspires – new Silks Inspires classes on 30 March!
If you love pole and you love silks, then this unique fusion of pole and silks will be perfect for you.
What is Silks Inspires?
Silk Inspires classes have been created to enhance your pole moves and offer a whole new world of artistic moves, whilst allowing those you to have safety when learning new pole moves.
The silks unit created by Polesilks allows you to be creative by using previously learnt moves and adding or creating as many variations as you wish. Remember NO move is a wrong move… They are unique moves to you.
What are the advantages?
The added advantage is that the Polesilks unit can be used to aid in stretching, strengthening and supporting you to accomplish that move you have been working on.
Polesilks at Dance Inspires will allow you to use pole and silks together without having to have had any experience of silks before. You can experiment with moves and let your imagination flow.